Words of Wisdom to the Freshman

Words of Wisdom to the Freshman

A few of our seniors volunteered to share some words of wisdom to our incoming freshman.

Friendship.How do you decipher a true friend from a false friend? Learn to stay close to those that are FOR you. When you leave a conversation, do you feel better for being with that person of do you feel worse after being with them? Do they always try to one-up you? True friends bring you up, they don’t tear you down. Are you sincerely joyful for them when something good happens or are you jealous? Are you better for knowing them? Are they better for knowing you?

Do your best to educate yourself on what makes a good friend and how to know a good friend when you find one. Character is someone who is the same wherever they are. Find true friends and they will help you to be the best that you can be. 

Education: Education is meant to be an experience that enhances your character and matures you through the experience. Earn the grade to get the degree. Get the education to move on to get the job that allows you to enjoy the life that you desire. Work hard for what you want. The grade doesn’t define you, your actions do. 

Enjoy home-cooked meals and lack of bills while you can. Get involved in activities that are of interest to you while you have the time. Have fun and laugh! Responsibilities will come soon enough!

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