Riverside Christian School: Ready, Begin!

Riverside Christian School: Ready, Begin!

Welcome to 17/18 at Riverside Christian School. We have been busy these first two weeks. The morning revealed excitement for some and nervousness for others. Many documented the day with photo ops with the Welcome to Riverside banner. Our ASB (student government) held the doors wide, high-fiving students as they headed for their classrooms.

We’re celebrating our 65 new students representing 54 new Riverside families. I asked a few our parents to share personal comments and/or comments from their kiddos. Here is what they had to say:

New Riverside Families, How have the first two weeks gone?

“‘I like my teacher and she’s a good teacher. She teaches us about Jesus.’  She’s learning new things daily and has already memorized a scripture verse. We’re so happy we made the decision.” PK

“I really like my teachers and the friends I’ve made. I also really like Mr. Reynolds. He somehow knew my name and came and talked to me during lunch.” 5th

“Where do we start… as parents, we are so excited for him to be at Riverside. He is exposed to such good things all day long. He is beyond excited and loves it. He says science is his favorite and he’s so excited to do his vertebrate project. He loves having art, band, chapel, history, and science every week… the kid is happy.” 4th

“‘I like that I get to go to different classes and make pictures for mom every day. I also love Teacher Bell’ which explains his new found love of jogging.” PK

“He likes the teachers and he feels comfortable and welcome by the other students.” 11th

A poem from one pre-school mom:

A poem from one pre-school mom:

Her first day of pre-school,

She didn’t shed a tear.

She bounded into the classroom

and hugged her friend so dear.

She hung her bag and took her seat

Like she’s been doing this for years.

And when it was time for me to leave

My daughter had no fear. Instead,

it was me with anxiety

As she was full of cheer.

“I love pre-school!” PS

“I’m overwhelmed by the kindness Riverside has shown and has made me feel part of the school right away.” 3rd

“I am excited about school.” She’s happy to wake up and go to school. As a family, we are enjoying seeing her in this new season.” PP

“What’s the hot lunch tomorrow?” It’s Saturday. “Awww Man!” K

The hallways were buzzing with students reconnecting. I heard one elementary student comment, “Mom, do you think my friends will remember me?” New families made their way to their classroom as mom or dad wondered if they should stay or go. Within the next thirty minutes, students collected in the gymnasium for this year’s All School Assembly. The cheerleaders and Mr. Reynolds, principal, enlivened the crowd with whoops and hollers for a fantastic year ahead of us. As this year’s ASB was introduced, each presented a VIP: a very important teacher, administrator or staff member that has impacted their lives. Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Benson, Ms. Lawrence, Mrs. Stoothoff, and Ms. Peggins were celebrated.

Mr. Van Beek, Superintendent, welcomed the students while sharing the blessing of the Lord by bringing each student to Riverside and reminding each one they are here not by accident. Pastor Jason Williams of Harvest Community Church and interim President of the Board dedicated our school theme from Hebrews 12:1-2, “Running Together”, to the Lord. The gym vibrated as the elementary committed “Running” and the secondary committed “Together” as loud as they could.

On Wednesday, the JR and HS loaded into the buses for a three-day retreat to Black Diamond campgrounds planned by Mr. Herring, our Bible teacher. Zip-lining, wall climbing and outdoor adventures combined with a spiritual emphasis make the annual event a perfect start to the new school year. “It was so much fun and I made friends and was accepted right away,” commented one high school student new to Riverside.

Our days have been affected by the smoke with students playing inside for recess. Cross Country and Soccer meets have been rescheduled and Family Fall Fest postponed until the following week. However, the Lord reaches to the heavens and faithfulness to the skies… which will be blue again, soon!

~ Tricia Gilmore, Story teller while sharing the love of Riverside to new families. i.e. Director of Marketing and Enrollment

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