Principal’s Note

Principal’s Note

Principal Note
September 29
Happy Friday,
Last week the elementary chapels had a guest speaker. His name was Jorn Nielson and he
traveled to Yakima from Denmark to visit his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.
Jorn shared Christ with our first through sixth-grade students. Below is an article he wrote
and posted on his Danish website, The article is about his visit to RCS and
our country. Like Jorn, I hope it is an encouragement to you.
Have a great weekend. Until next time…
Mr. Reynolds

Why I am Pro America – Jorn Nielsen
I’m not naïve. I know there is a rapidly growing flank of atheists over here. The European
rebellion against God and against our spiritual heritage are coming this way also. And yet
I’m pro USA because of the still existing freedom to preach Jesus Christ.
I´m thinking of a lot of things that point in that direction, and I´m happily speaking of my
own experience right where I happen to be.  When I was warmly welcomed to a
wonderful Christian school -“Riverside Christian School" – and took part in their “Glad
songs of salvation”; (Ps. 118:18) and afterward spoke to radiant students, I have at least
one big reason for standing up for America.

I still see before my inner eyes their receptive faces flanked by smiling teachers, and that
made it so easy for me to speak a word to them.  Nay, I´m almost touched to tears.  My
thoughts go to those countries under godless and Christ-less regimes where the children
sing different songs. The children were too kind when I showed them the Danish flag side
by side with “Stars and Stripes” and asked them which flag they found to be the prettiest.
But of course, I agreed when the Danish banner won! But the children know what the
American flag stands for, and I could point to the white cross in our flag, and I had them
all with me when I referred to the true cross of Christ and its gospel.
I wish I could have spent all day with that happy school which to me is just one out of
many examples of how the Christian testimony still has its free course in a nation whose
motto is: “In God We Trust.”

It’s also the country of the wealth of Bible editions. I couldn’t help singing with the whole
chapel the simple verse, “My B-i- b-l- e, for that’s the book for me…” etc. Now you
understand why I’m pro America!
Yakima, WA, Sept. 22, 2017 – Jørn Nielsen

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