Principals Note:Happy Grandparents Day

Principals Note:Happy Grandparents Day

Happy Friday,

By the time you read this one of the greatest days of the school year has probably come and gone. Of course, I am talking about Grandparents Day. I have always been very passionate about this day as it is critical that we celebrate this group of people. I truly feel that as a country we need to give great honor to those who have come before and worked so hard. It seems like this is happening less and less these days. I know the impact grandparents can have on both students and entire families. So many play an active, positive role in the lives of their grandchildren, and Riverside’s Grandparents Day is a fantastic reminder that we love and esteem this group of people.

Of course, a person can now find on the internet information on just about anything.  The following are a few grandparent facts I found on the AGA (American Grandparent Association) website:

  • There are 70 million grandparents in the USA – Over one fifth of the population.

  • 10% of those grandparents live with their grandchildren

  • 2.7 million grandparents are raising their grandchildren

  • 72% of all grandparents take care of their grandchildren on a regular basis

  • Grandparents spend 52 billion dollars every year on grandkids alone

  • Grandparents spend 32 billion on educated-related costs

  • Grandparents make 45% of all cash contributions to non-profit organizations

  • Grandparents account for 42% of all consumer spending on gifts

God’s word reminds us in Proverbs 17:6 “Children’s children are a crown to the aged and parents are the pride of their children.” I want to thank each and every Grandparent for being awesome. Hug a grandparent today because they rock!

Have a great weekend. Until next time…

Mr. Reynolds

P.S. I need to give a HUGE shout out this week to Karen Young and all the volunteers who made our Grandparents Day so successful. Thank you for your servant-hearts. You are greatly appreciated.

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