Principal’s Note

Principal’s Note

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas vacation. With our return to school comes a
very important part in the life of any high school student – finals.

All students in grades 9-12 will have finals for their core classes beginning Wednesday,
January 17th. High school students have early release Tuesday, January 16th through
Friday, January 19th (The 19th is an all-school early release at noon). A finals schedule was
emailed to each high school student/family last week. Please remember finals account for
twenty percent of a student’s final semester grade in each class, so it is critical students
do their best on each exam.

Getting ready to excel on finals should not be taken lightly. Students should already be
preparing themselves as much as possible. Waiting until the night before the final to do
all studying can potentially hurt a student’s chance for maximum performance on any
given exam. Here are just a few other thoughts that might be beneficial:

• Students should take advantage of the early release on Tuesday, January 16th. This
half day is set aside for students to have an extended period of time to prepare for
• Start early. Don’t wait until the night before to study for a final.
• Ask the teacher questions. If you don’t understand something ask your teacher for
clarification. Don’t go into the finals unprepared. Teachers are here after school to
assist with questions. There is also a 30 minute period between finals for
questions about the upcoming final.
• Know what is on the final so you know what to study for and create your own
study guide if possible.
• Study in a group part of the time. Quiz each other in a variety of ways.
• Turn off your cell phone during study times. Minimize your distractions.
• Stay well rested and eat healthy foods. Your brain needs these two things to work
at maximum capacity.
• Try not to stress, be calm and do the absolute best you can do. Pray for the Lord’s
peace and clarity of mind (Especially true for most freshmen as this is their first
time through finals).

I am extremely confident that each student in our high school can be successful if they
have worked hard this semester, diligently prepare for finals and then apply themselves
during each exam. We have a great student body now go rock those finals!

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