Winter Gala 2018

Winter Gala 2018

Riverside Christian marked history as the school hosted its first ever Winter Gala at the beginning of this February. As a Father-Daughter/Mother-Son dance, the gymnasium was completely transformed with sparkling lights, colorful candies, and a surplus of decadent desserts. Planned by the Advancement Team, a committee of volunteered adults alongside administration, the evening consisted of photo booth opportunities provided by ValleyShots Photography as well as consistent dance music from well-known DJ, Big Ern.

With the music selection ranging from popular tunes by artists Taylor Swift or Justin Timberlake, to the classic Macarena and Cupid’s Shuffle, parents, grandparents, teachers, and—of course—kids, were on the floor singing and dancing their hearts out.

The special night was truly cherished among all attendees as together Riverside celebrated the importance of family.

Click Here: All School Winter Gala on video

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