Letter to my Freshman Self

Letter to my Freshman Self

Letter to My Freshman Self: Micah Tranch
Micah Tranch
Men’s Track & Field
Posted: 5/7/2019 9:14:00 AM

Dear Micah,
As you have been told many times, “These next four years will be some of the best years of your life.” You are going to create lasting memories and friendships that you will cherish. During this next chapter of your life you will grow so much physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually; however, it will not always be what you expect it to be. You will learn, and you will wonder. You will mature, and you will be unprepared. You will be passionate, and you will be apathetic. It won’t be the smoothest or easiest ride, but you will come out the other side a better man.

You will experience some of the greatest highs in your life, as well as some of the worst lows. Do not let the lows deter you from striving to reach the highs; and do not let the highs go to your head, your ego could use a little less praise. The glory is not yours. Be happy and joyful in your success and celebrate that which you have accomplished. Yet, always remember why you were successful, who made you successful and who truly deserves the praise.

God is constantly working in your life, and, through trials and success, you must rely on Him. For most all your life you have relied on your abilities but let me tell you. Your strength is not always going to be strong enough. Your athleticism is not always going to be good enough. What you are capable of will not always be enough. God; He will always be enough. His strength will get you through persistent injuries and His love will be there to pick you up when you fall. Remember, God gave you the gifts you possess, so glorify Him by competing and living to the best of your ability.

This school and this campus will provide you with opportunities and platforms in which you can either thrive or wither. Your body will take a toll and at times you will feel as though you are falling apart. Spiritually you will be stretched in multiple directions, lost and wondering what to do and where to go. This is going to be a time of discovery, in which hardship is almost necessary for growth. This is a time in which you are on your own and it is your values, your beliefs and your decisions that will determine who you are. There is a lot of uncertainty in this time, but I can tell you for a fact that there is so much joy and relief at the end of each uncertainty.

I know that you will read this, and a little flame will build in your heart and in your mind. Your passion will flare, and you will have so much desire and determination to go out and conquer the world for his glory. Do not lose that feeling. Lock it up tight and never let go of it. Because, I also know a few days after you read this, that flame will start to die and blow away with the winds brought on by life, stress and self-fulfillment. When that happens; when you lose that flame, do not feel as though you have failed but instead light the fire even bigger and stronger. Continue to light your fire and be the man that you know you can be.

I urge you to enjoy every moment and savor every opportunity. God will work through you and within you. He will form you into His image and guide you by His plan. You will be given many platforms in which you can glorify God, so let Him work in you throughout your life and lean on Him in both the good times and the bad. You are capable of so much, but only through His grace, power and the gifts that He has provided you with. I write this not to tell you what to expect and what will become, but to encourage you to live to the fullest extent of which you were created.

Be the man God created you to be.
With Love,
Micah Tranch

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