Riverside Christian provides transportation to and from the Lower Valley and West Valley. The Schedule below indicates the times our buses should leave the various stops. All times are approximate.

West Valley Stops Pick Up Drop Off  11:30 Dismiss 12:00 Dismiss
 West Valley Church 7:05AM 4:10PM      12:40pm           1:10pm             
 Shopko on Summitview 7:20AM 4:00PM 12:30PM    1:00PM
 One Life Worship on Tieton 7:30AM 3:50PM 12:20PM 12:50PM
 Big 5 Sporting Goods (NW Corner)  7:40AM 3:40PM 12:10PM 12:40PM


Lower Valley Stops  Pick Up Drop Off 11:30 Dismiss 12:00 Dismiss
Donald 7:15AM 3:35PM 12:10PM 12:50PM
1st Baptist Church Wapato 7:30AM 3:45PM 12:20PM 1:00PM
Imperial Gardens 7:35AM 3:50PM 12:25PM


Please understand routes are subject change based on ridership.

 COST Bus Pass  One Way Round Trip
1 student  $50   $405/year or $45/month $765/year or $85/month
 2+ students    $585/year  or $65/month $1125/year or $125/month
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