XC @ Apple Ridge Run

XC @ Apple Ridge Run

September 15, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Venue/Course Descriptions:
Apple Ridge Run Cross Country Course
The nearly 180 acres of property consists of about six miles of trails that are 10 to 15 feet wide. The following will be used for the races:
• Junior High Race: A 1 ½ mile, course consisting of a flat running surface and
one short hill. The surface is entirely grass. Spectators can see most of the race.
• High School Race (First Flight – The Figure 8 Course): A three mile course
consisting of three loops and a short, gentle slope. Other than that, this course is
flat and fast. The footing is great and the surface is all grass.
• High School Race (Second Flight – The Race Course): This is the course that we
use for league meets and our district championships. It’s a three mile course that involves two short hills and two long loops. The footing is park-like with a surface that’s mostly grass with a short stretch of dirt.
• High School Race (Third Flight – The Horseshoe Course): A two loop three miler
that involves some short, steep hills with periods of flat areas in between. Footing is mostly flat and the surface consists of grass, dirt and gravel. Running flats are recommended.

• Ribbons will awarded to the top 10 girls and boys in each race.
• Team awards will be split among HS divisions: 1B, 2B and 1A / 2A and 3A
– A trophy will be given to top boys’ and girls’ team in each division
– A plaque will be awarded to the 2nd place girls’ and boys’ team in each division.

The top two finishers in each of the three flights will score for their team, thus a perfect score for a high school team would be 9 points. All three flights will count for team scoring. If unable to fill a flight with two runners, the place behind last place will be given to the team. The amount of runners per school in a given flight is unlimited.

Meeting for All Coaches -10:00
National Anthem – 10:45
High School Races:
11:00 – First Flight: Boys and Girls (3 miles)
11:45 – Second Flight: Boys and Girls (3 miles)
12:30 – Third Flight: Boys and Girls (3 miles)
Middle School Race:
1:15 – Girls and Boys (1.5 miles)
1:45 – High School Awards Near Team Camping Area

Driving Directions:
1. From HWY 12 West (heading towards Naches), take the 40th Avenue Exit into Yakima.
2. Stay on 40th Ave. for about 1.5 miles and take a right on Summitview.
3. Continue west on Summitview for almost 10 miles (towards Cowiche).
4. While on Summitview, you’ll eventually head down a steep grade into the Cowiche Valley (before you get to the city of Cowiche). At the bottom of the grade on the right is a log cabin called the Summitview Cowiche Veterinary Clinic. Take the right just past the clinic on Weikel Road.
5. Stay on Weikel for nearly a mile and turn right on Zimmerman Road.
6. After a mile up Zimmerman, turn left on Naches Heights Road.
7. Stay on Naches Heights Road for a ½ mile and turn left onto Wherry Road (there’s a big red sign there to welcome you).
8. After a ¼ mile down Wherry Road, you’ll see the course and signs for parking.

BUS PARKING: In place of Step 7 above, continue on Naches Heights Road and turn in at the Fire Station parking lot. Look for the Apple Ridge Sign, and continue down the hill towards the course. Earliest buses, please pull all the way forward to the end of the grass to make room for everybody, we are expecting 30+ teams with limited parking space.

1. Please remind athletes to refrain from picking apples off surrounding trees and to stay in grassed areas. The weeded areas are rough and could result in injury.
2. Bus parking is the same as last season – second driveway near the fire station.
3. I would recommend that all racers in the third flight wear running flats instead of spikes. Some areas are a little hard and offer unstable footing.
4. There will be NO admission charged for spectators.
5. ATHLETIC.NET: Please register all of you athletes in the desired flights by Wednesday, September 12th.
6. We do have a grassed camping area for teams. Bring your tent if you have one!
7. Encourage your spectators to bring lawn chairs – there will be no bleachers this season.
8. Coaches’ Peak: We have an area for coaches to watch the races if you want to take advantage of it. You can see nearly the entire course from this spot

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