Estrella Knutson

Computer Lab, Elementary PE, Preschool Teacher Assistant

Tanya Anderson

Music & Drama Teacher, Private Piano & Vocal Instructor


"I love coming to work at Riverside. It’s a very supportive atmosphere. The staff is encouraging and helpful and the students are very respectful and eager to learn."

Jaclynn Bell

Physical Education Teacher and Support Lab Assistant


Josh Cowin

Physical Education & High School Health & Weights Teacher


"I like the family atmosphere and being in an environment where teachers and students have a belief in God."

Mary Cowin



Debby Doornink

Special Education Director


“One of the things I love best about Riverside is their commitment to teaching all of God’s children regardless of mental or physical ability.”

Emily East

Music Teacher & Private Piano, Vocal & Guitar Instructor


"I have the opportunity to sow into the next generation of musicians, worship leaders, and songwriters. God is the original creative, He is the creator! I teach music because I believe it is one of the few things He’s given us, where our entire body, soul and spirit can connect with Him and those in need of Him. I am constantly reminded to spur my students forward, knowing God is not a respecter of persons but uses the young and old to build His Kingdom here on earth."

Carol Mourey

Band Teacher


“The attitude of the entire staff demonstrates God’s love. We are all willing to help each other any time it is needed. Being able to teach sacred songs all year around and especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas is a joy to me.”

Karen Tranch

Art Teacher


“I love teaching at a school that is preschool through 12th grade. I appreciate the daily interaction between all ages of students in social, academic, and spiritual situations.”

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