Stoothoff Family

Stoothoff Family

10834920_10154888007400366_9023468080428092489_oEric and Anne Stoothoof first enrolled their children at Riverside Christian in the Fall of 1991. Amy Stoothoff graduated in 2004, Sam Stoothoff graduated in 2006, Seth Stoothoff graduated in 2008 and Mason is entering into our Kindergarten program.

What do you love about RCS?

The community of faith that our school families have become to our family. Raising our children in ʺthe love and discipline the Lord approvesʺ alongside likeminded friends has been a richly satisfying experience. Our older three developed life-long friendships at RCS, friends who serve Christ and know them REALLY well. We look forward to sharing that journey with new friends raising Mason (Pre-K). We are a family, God’s diverse, flawed, and dear children.

Why did you choose Riverside Christian School for your child(ren)?

We knew that we wanted them to receive a quality education, but, more importantly, we wanted them to grow up knowing, serving, and loving Jesus. Their discipleship and character development is our highest priority.

In what ways have you seen your child(ren) grow in their faith as a result of their experience at Riverside Christian School?

Amy (2004) became sure of the truths she learned in our home and laid a solid foundation in the Word of God, continuing her studies at Biola University.

Sam (2006) continues to find his closest friends among his former classmates and fellow-graduates of RCS. He is currently a training manager at an upscale coffee roasting company in Brooklyn, NY and pursuing his passion for good coffee in the Pacific Northwest tradition.

Seth (2008) gave his heart to Jesus in chapel when the teachers acted out the story ʺGod’s Bridgeʺ. He realized then that just being raised by Christian parents isn’t enough. One must choose to serve the Lord himself. He is still keeping the commitment to follow Jesus today and will graduate from WSU School of Engineering in December (2015).

Mason (Kindergarten) loves Bible story time every day. He is learning to love his neighbor as himself. He recently prayed with mommy on the way home from school and was a little concerned the next day when he woke up. ʺ…Mom, I still have bad thoughts!ʺ he said. Discipleship is a long journey, with Christ’s strength to guide, sustain, and provide.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Riverside Christian School?

We all make decisions about how to invest our days and our dollars. We can choose to invest in eternal things, or on earthly, temporary things. When we looked at where we wanted our children to be spiritually when their time with us was over, we knew we needed to make the Kingdom of God our highest priority. Daily, in each class, every practice, every game, and through every lesson and project, RCS taught them to live for ʺThe Audience of One.ʺ You will never regret investing in a child’s faith. We certainly don’t.

The Riverside Christian tagline is “Rooted in Christ, Ready for Tomorrow.” How does your child experience this at RCS?

All our adult children are avid readers, think deeply about life, theology, and their responsibility as Christ-followers to the world in which they live. Riverside Christian School has given them strong academic skills for their futures.

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