10-12 grade Short List for College Admissions

10-12 grade Short List for College Admissions

  1. RESEARCH colleges and scholarships during the Sophomore/Junior Year

Check out: https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/ and
My College Quickstart for planning with PSAT scores
Also, helpful: WashBoard.org

  1. TAKE the SAT/ACT at the end of the Junior Year (or Sophomore year)

Register at sat.org/register
Set up account at www.collegeboard.com (free online practice)
Register at www.actstudent.org/start

  1. TAKE a challenging course load during Senior Year
  2. VISIT colleges in the summer/fall prior/during Senior Year
  3. RETAKE* the SAT/ACT to improve score (fall of Senior Year)
  4. COMPLETE all college applications before Christmas break
  5. MAIL the FAFSA just after October 1 (senior year) FAFSA.ED.GOV (form is FREE) register now to obtain a PIN number WWW.PIN.ED.GOV

    FAFSA seminars are available at YVCC as well as online tutorials.
  2. DECIDE by May 1 (National College Decision Day) and communicate the selection to appropriate college offices
  3. REQUEST to have final transcript mailed from RCS to your college. Official transcripts will be available in June. Request transcript here.
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