Jones Family

Jones Family

great family pictureKeith and Camille Jones first enrolled their three children at Riverside Christian in the Fall of 2010. Teddy Jones graduated in 2011, Tucker Jones graduated in 2012, and Olivia will graduate with the class of 2019.

What do you love about RCS?

We love so much about RCS! WE love the small class size, teachers who care about the overall growth and development of the students- their character as well as their academic growth, the atmosphere of the school/culture of the school. I have taught as a speech therapist in the public schools for 25 years and have been in 4 school districts and over 100 different classrooms- You can definitely feel the atmosphere that a school has, a classroom has and its impact on the students. Riverside is a gift to our families. It blessed our family so much and it changed the atmosphere in our own home because our high school boy’s attitudes changed. They softened, became more comfortable in their own skin, and definitely kinder/ more open/ less guarded- and gained so much from the Christian education provided as well as the rigorous curriculum. They are off in college now, but Riverside prepared them so well for college!! Teddy graduates from the University of Kansas next week in petroleum engineering. He is graduating first in his class and with honors. He will start an engineering job in Texas June 1st. He went to Haiti the summer before going off to college. It was such an amazing experience and God prepared his heart for the world beyond our doors. Riverside is worth every single penny!! I am so glad that Tucker graduated from there and received the foundational skills that have helped him so much in college also! Olivia is in 8th grade and I feel like Riverside is such an amazing blessing! I know what is out there as an alternative… and it does not even come close to comparing! We love love love Riverside and know that it is worth our investment!!

Why did you choose Riverside Christian School for your child(ren)?

When our youngest son was getting ready to start 10th. grade, he asked if he could go to RCS. He did not want to go to West Valley. He sat in our living room and cried. Our first reaction was to say, “We hear you and we will pray about it.” It only took a few minutes for us to both know that if our High School student is asking to go to a Christian school, then there is really not anything to pray about…It was an obvious! We didn’t know where the money would come from but we knew that God would provide so we told him yes… we would work it out. Shortly after that, Tucker’s older brother who was going to be a Jr. asked if he could also go with Tucker. This time we did not hesitate. We said “yes” right away! That Christmas, Olivia asked if she could be a crusader for her Christmas present. God was getting all of the kids lol! The next year, Olivia started and we have never looked back! It truly was the very best blessing for our kids!

In what ways have you seen your child(ren) grow in their faith as a result of their experience at Riverside Christian School?

From the first month of becoming a Crusader, our boys started to change. They softened, became less guarded at home, less defensive, and happier. They started bringing friends home and became more social because they had friends who wanted to do things that wouldn’t get them in trouble. They learned how to defend their faith before going off to college. I love the foundation that they have gotten in the bible and in the Christian walk!!

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Riverside Christian School?

Riverside works with the finances and makes it possible. It is worth every penny and gives our children a safe, challenging, encouraging, loving, amazing education and environment with opportunities to serve others and experience life beyond themselves. An education at Riverside is priceless!!! I am so thankful for them!

The Riverside Christian tagline is “Rooted in Christ, Ready for Tomorrow.” How does your child experience this at RCS?

Our family has been built on the idea of “Rooted in Christ”. We have raised the kids with Christ as a member of our family in our home as well as out of our home. We have also always tried to direct their eyes to their future… the decisions made today effect tomorrow. Riverside has prepared them both academically as well as spiritually for life outside of Yakima. All the boys went off to school and live in cities other than Yakima. We feel like Riverside has given them the building blocks for college as well as life. At Riverside they were far more than just a number…. they were real people that the teachers poured into as well as spoke life into. Riverside has been the best investment of our money!

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