DSC_0445What is your name?

Aniko Herceg

What grade did you start attending RCS?


What do you love about Riverside Christian School?

I really love that its a small school and everybody knows everybody. We really get close to each other, because of this I made friends really quick! I really like how some of the teachers teach. It is very different from Hungary. The teachers pay more attention to you. Mr. Emmans and Mr. Benson really make sure you understand what they are teaching. Mr. Emmans is very patient with me! It’s pretty cool. The relationships are awesome here!


Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite:

Mr. and Mrs. Emmans are both very awesome! They are very funny and have a great sense of humor. I enjoy their classes because the class discussions really make you improve. They pay attention to you and don’t mind explaining things more than once. I just really enjoy their class. They see the world differently and that makes me respect them more. He sees things very scientific and then Biblically. He sees both and puts them together. Same for Mrs. Emmans in social studies.

What have your learned about Jesus and the Bible in your class or in chapel?

When I came to RCS I didn’t know much about Christianity. When I came here I saw how religion shapes culture and the way people think and express themselves. It has been really helpful and interesting to learn. 

What is one of your favorite memories or favorite day from this school year?

Spirit week and dressing up. It was really funny, some people took it so seriously and I am so excited for next year! The retreat was really nice too!

What was your favorite subject or thing you learned this year?

AP US History. It was so interesting because I didn’t know about US History. All I knew was Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. I am interested in social studies and the way culture works, the class was hard but I learned a lot!

How is RCS different from your old school?

The school spirit is stronger here than the other schools I’ve been to. RCS focuses on people and not just the whole system, they care about relationships.

What would you say to a student who was thinking about coming to school here?

I would encourage people who want to have a great experience both as a student and with the teachers to come here. It is important to be strong in your faith. RCS teaches everyone to be strong in their faith no matter what happens and I would encourage them to come here because its a nice place and not crowded, it’s just right! It is very peaceful here.
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