DSC_0448What is your name?


What grade did you start attending RCS?



What do you love about Riverside Christian School?

That there are Christians in whole school. I learn a lot more compared to my other school, the activities are fun, I liked the field trips to Olympia and Tacoma, and my new friends.


Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite:

Miss Shuller because she’s the one who teaches me everything and she’s funny. She tells us stories about her life and when she was a kid.

What have your learned about Jesus and the Bible in your class or in chapel?

I’ve learned that Satan wasn’t always called the devil. I’ve learned how to memorize Bible verses and me and my mom pray in the car line before school every day.

What is one of your favorite memories or favorite day from this school year?

My favorite day was “Western Day” because we dressed up and had activities like art. We played with other grades during PE on Western Day.

What was your favorite subject or thing you learned this year?

History/Social Studies because I learned a lot about Washington State.

How is RCS different from your old school?

More “eyes” on the playground to watch us, nicer kids, more homework to challenge me, and they do all this stuff for people in need like Haiti and Union Gospel Mission. We have sports here like baseball, kickball, basketball, and track. Better food and snacks too!

What would you say to a student who was thinking about coming to school here?

You should really come to this school, it’s the best school in the world!

Anything else you want to share?

RCS helps me be nicer to people and it pushes me so I can learn. Almost every child that went to our school goes on to college, and my mom says I have to go to college so I’ll be ready. It helps me want to go to our church every week too.
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