Min came to RCS in 2014 as an exchange student for his Junior and Senior year of High School.

When did you start attending RCS?
Junior Year

What do you love about RCS?
RCS is a wonderful school with amazing people. There are not a ton of people at this school but they create the opportunities to get close to the leaders. The education is good and fun to learn with the teachers.

Describe one of your favorite teachers at RCS and tell why he/she is your favorite?
My favorite teacher in this school is Mr. Emmans. He is such an intellectual person with a lot of humor. It’s always fun to go to his class and learn more about Biology. He helps me better understand everything and he always has interesting topics to discuss. 

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at RCS?
Before I came to this school, I didn’t really know Jesus. This year has been an opportunity for me to learn more about the Bible, Christianity (and how to be a better Christian), and be in pursuit of Christ as much as possible. 

How has RCS prepared you to be “Rooted in Christ” and “Ready for Tomorrow?”
The school has encourage me in many aspect of life. Getting the chance to go to retreat and learn more about Christ. 

How do you feel that RCS is preparing you for graduation, college, and life? What are your plans after you graduate (it’s okay if you don’t know)?
The school helps me to get ready for life, how to be a better person and who should I choose to make friends with. It sure will affect my choices in a good way. 

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