Faculty & Staff


Rick VanBeek

Superintendent & Athletic Director

Contact: vanbeekr@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.--Letourneau University, M.A.--University of San Francisco

Randy Reynolds


Contact: reynoldsr@riversidechristian.net

B.A. Central Washington University, M.A.Ed/Adm. University of Phoenix

Amy Bradford


Contact: bradforda@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Central Washington University, M.Ed.—Central Washington University

“I love teaching at Riverside Christian because I get to help students grow in their knowledge of the world around them and also in their faith and knowledge of the one that created it all.”

Sandy Allen

Special Education Director

Contact: allens@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Alaska Pacific University, M.Ed Western Governors University

“I think my favorite part of RCS is that I am free to include the truth of Jesus Christ in every aspect of my classroom. He is present in math as the God of order, in reading as the Author of Scripture, and in social studies as the Creator of all human society. Jesus is our model as I teach children how to love one another and work with all their hearts at the tasks He has set before us.”


Sabrina Fisher

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Contact: fishers@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Western Washington University

“I love the sincere desire of the administration, faculty, and staff to encourage each student to develop a personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ. I love that these same people really know my own children on a personal level and genuinely care about supporting them as they walk through the ups and downs of daily life. I love that my children feel loved and valued by their teachers and the staff, and am confident that each and every student at Riverside is loved and cared for in exactly this same manner.”

Kristie Kuhlmann

Early Learning Center Director & Preschool Teacher

Contact: kuhlmannk@riversidechristian.net

Degree: Early Childhood Education Degree—YVCC

Favorite thing about RCS: “I like the freedom of being able to tea

Elementary Faculty

Megan Smith


Contact: smithm@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.Ed—Central Washington University

Favorite thing about RCS: “I love getting to integrate God’s word into every aspect of teaching. I love how kind and welcoming the staff has been. “

Hunter Pryse

First Grade Teacher

Cheryl Whittlesey

1st Grade Teacher

Contact: whittleseyc@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Washington State University, M.I.T.—Heritage University

Favorite thing about RCS: “Jesus Christ is the purpose and the basis for all instruction at Riverside Christian School.”

Deborah Hohmann

2nd Grade Teacher

Contact: hohmannd@riversidechristian.net

AA in Office Administration, Blackfeet Community College, a BA in Elementary Education, and a MA in Education, Ashford University

I love the kindred spirit here at Riverside. The staff are so helpful and truly a blessing! It is inspiring to witness how God is working in the lives of these young people and I am honored to be a part of that!

Tori Cunnington

2nd Grade Teacher

Contact: cunningtont@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Central Washington University

“This isn’t just a place to work. This is a place to nurture and also be nurtured. My three children came to school here and they received love and guidance, along with an education that stands on solid ground. They learned that God is truth and you can live in this world knowing right from wrong.”

Heidi Dobie

3rd Grade Teacher

Contact: dobieh@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Washington State University M. Ed.—Heritage University.

"I love that Riverside Christian School is a Christian school!  The kids enjoy relating all subjects to the Bible; and current events are also related to the Bible. This helps the kids understand our world and their place in our world."

Mary Kay Schuller

4th Grade Teacher

Contact: schullerm@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Northwest University, M.Ed.—Central Washington University

“Riverside has a strong sense of community and a deep love of God’s Word.”

Jill Fry

4th Grade Teacher

Contact: fryj@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Washington State University, M.S.—Walden University

“I love Riverside Christian School because of the sense of community. We are all one family with Christ as our leader. Just like traditional families, we are not perfect, but we are called to encourage each other and help one another to be the best we can be in all areas of life. This is what I see happening on a daily basis at Riverside from the administration, staff, parents, and students.”

Ginger McIlvanie

5th Grade Teacher

Contact: mcilvanieg@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Whitworth College, M.Ed.—Whitworth College

“I love the view outside my window, which reminds me of God’s incredible love, which is then shared with the Riverside school family, including students, staff, parents, and the community. When we gather for an all school chapel, it is a fabulous feeling to know we can worship one God together.”

Cindy Bellamy

5th Grade Teacher

Contact: Bellamyc@riversidechristian.net

Lolly Van Beek

6th Grade Teacher

Contact: vanbeekl@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Westmont College

“I love Riverside Christian School because you are rubbing shoulders with those who appreciate and put a high priority on Christian education. The families who have their children in RCS are those who value excellent Christian education. RCS has a high academic standard, but God’s Word and the teaching of God’s Word takes definite priority.”

Jaclynn Bell

6th Grade Teacher

Contact: bellj@riversidechristian.net

Secondary Faculty

Megan Boswell

High School English Teacher

Contact: boswellm@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Northwest Nazarene University

“I love the community of Riverside Christian School. The faculty and parents are able to work together to provide kids with the foundation they need for the future, both academically and spiritually. Having a common goal makes what we do more effective and meaningful.”

Jake Edler

Junior High History Teacher

Mike Emmans

High School Science and Guitar Teacher

Contact: emmansm@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.S.—Whitworth College, M.A. Washington State University, Agriculture

“RCS is the best place to teach science in Yakima. We have a huge amount of biodiversity on campus—from wetlands to the pond to arid areas. I frequently see migratory birds and we are involved in long-term research in the pond. Additionally, we are within a few minutes of native shrub steppe habitat and the Yakima River. The students are engaging and I enjoy my colleagues and administration.”

Tracy Golladay

Junior High Bible and Social Studies Teacher

Contact: golladayt@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Azusa Pacific University

“Riverside is a good place for Christians to learn and discover that God is in every part of life and learning.”

James Herring

High School Bible and Missions Teacher

Contact: herringj@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—University of Northern Colorado, M.A.—California Graduate School of Theology

“Riverside Christian School is committed to the teaching of God’s truth, as well as the application of truth to everyday life. Students are regularly challenged to see all of life as the classroom in which they live out the truths they have been taught.”

Glenn Knutson

High School Bible & Computer Lab Teacher

Contact: knutsong@riversidechristian.net

"Riverside is a place where Christian teachers are able to share life and expertise. Students are given opportunities through academics, sports, social activities, and discipleship to deepen their Jesus informed worldview. And the community as a whole is able to express the love of Christ in practical ways."

Liz Lawrence

JH and High School Math Teacher

Contact: lawrencel@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.S.—Centenary College, M.A.—Heritage University

“I love that I can pray freely with my students. I love that the administration works closely with the teachers, staff, and students. I love that the school is small enough for everyone to know each other, which allows us to support each other in trials/praises of our lives.”

Annaliese Myers

High School Math Teacher

Gary Steingas

JH and High School Science, Robotics Teacher

Contact: steingasg@riversidechristian.net

“I love the fact that students can come to our school and be taught truth, with Christ being the foundation of that truth.”

Kathryn Anne Stoothoff

Junior High English and Bible Teacher

Contact: stoothoffa@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Central Washington University

“Every day I come to work, I get to make an eternal difference in the lives of my students.”

Gretchen Perkins

High School Social Studies

Contact: perkinsg@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Secondary Education with a certification in History and English from Northwest Nazarene University.  M.A.—in History from Liberty University.

Favorite thing about RCS: “I love the students. Students have always been why I want to teach...I love seeing them interact with each other, make connections, and think!"

Noel Vincent

High School English

Contact: vincentn@riversidechristian.net

B.A.- California State University, Bakersfield
M.A.- California State University, Long Beach

What I appreciate about RCS: The support community of teachers, staff, and administration prayerfully, and with authenticity, lead, instruct, and compel students toward inquiry, integrity, citizenship, and truth.


Tanya Anderson

Music & Drama Teacher, Private Piano & Vocal Instructor

Contact: andersont@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B—Music Education

"I love coming to work at Riverside. It’s a very supportive atmosphere. The staff is encouraging and helpful and the students are very respectful and eager to learn."

Mary Cowin


Contact: cowinm@riversidechristian.net

Carol Mourey

Band Teacher

Contact: moureyc@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A. –Central Washington University

“The attitude of the entire staff demonstrates God’s love. We are all willing to help each other any time it is needed. Being able to teach sacred songs all year round and especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas is a joy to me.”

Nathan Nobbs

Elementary PE Teacher

Rachel Reynolds

Computer Lab

Karen Tranch

Art Teacher

Contact: tranchk@riversidechristian.net

Degree: B.A.—Northwest Nazarene College, M.S.—University of Oregon

Favorite thing about RCS: “I love teaching at a school that is preschool through 12th grade. I appreciate the daily interaction between all ages of students in social, academic, and spiritual situations.”

Marcella Valencia

Secondary PE Teacher

Early Learning Center

Kristie Kuhlmann

Early Learning Center Director & Preschool Teacher

Contact: kuhlmannk@riversidechristian.net

Degree: Early Childhood Education Degree—YVCC

Favorite thing about RCS: “I like the freedom of being able to tea

Erin Cherry

Early Learning Center Assistant

Estrella Knutson

Early Learning Center Assistant

Contact: knutsone@riversidechristian.net

B.Th. Life Bible College East

Central Office

Colleen Bjur


Contact: bjurc@riversidechristian.net

Calvin Howe

Business Manager

Contact: howec@riversidechristian.net

Degree: BS, Bible, Corban University; MSHA, Health Administration, University of Colorado

"I enjoy working with the dedicated staff at RCS. Although I have little contact with the students it is good to see the amazing impact the teachers and staff have on them."

Patty Lee

Administrative Assistant

Contact: leep@riversidechristian.net

Degree: BS, Yakima Valley College

"As an employee, my favorite thing about RCS is how it is a community where you can come together with other families of similar beliefs for a common goal.  I enjoy building relationships with coworkers, students and families. As a parent, I greatly appreciate the mission of RCS and its commitment to prepare students academically, and spiritually, while giving them many incredible experiences.  My favorite thing about RCS is seeing how seeds of faith that have been planted are nurtured here and watching my boys grow in their relationship with Christ."

John Meinzinger


Contact: meinzingerj@riversidechristian.net

“I really enjoy fixing problems people are having with their computers, software or network connections.”

Dani Reynolds

Administrative Assistant

Contact: reynoldsd@riversidechristian.net

Melody Stein

College/Career Counselor, ASB Advisor, Fundraising Coordinator

Contact: steinm@riversidechristian.net

"I love working with the students to develop their leadership skills through student government and class activities as well as challenging them to seek God’s plan for their future and step out to reach their God-given potential."


Tammy Cherry

Teacher Assistant

Contact: cherry@riversidechristian.net

"My favorite thing about RCS is the Godly, loving family environment. All of the teachers truly care about the students and their relationship with the Lord. I love working here!"

Gary Bjur


Contact: janitors@riversidechristian.net

Tonya Faxon

Teacher Assistant

Contact: Faxont@riversidechristian.net

Tim Frazier

Kitchen Specialist aka Dining Dude & Soccer Coach

Contact: fraziert@riversidechristian.net

Wendy Gravesen

Kitchen Assistant aka Lunch Lady

Jerry Johnson

Bus Driver & Assistant Janitor

Rebecca Leonard

Teacher Assistant

Donna Peggins

Teacher Assistant

Contact: pegginsd@riversidechristian.net

Diane Pynch

Teacher Assistant

Eric Stucker

Maintenance & Custodial

Contact: stuckere@riversidechristian.net

"Riverside is a strong school academically and morally. Most importantly, Riverside is a family."

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