Junior High School: 7-8

Junior High School: 7-8

7th & 8th Grade

Students experience many physical and emotional changes that can substantially impact the student’s academic growth during the junior high years. Riverside Christian School’s faculty and staff work very hard to partner with parents during these all important transitional years as students are prepared for senior high. As a private school, we are able to build our foundation on our values which is based on the word of God.

We believe that Riverside Christian School’s responsibility must begin with a concern for a student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our desire to lead students to both knowledge and the experience of rich plateaus in their Christian faith.

  • By guiding them to explore and understand life’s purpose
  • By challenging them to set personally held beliefs and standards based on God’s Word
  • By transforming their biblically based convictions into everyday reality
  • By providing knowledge and training in Christ-like attitudes, values and principles which can be applied to any situation or circumstance


Junior High Schedule and School Hours:

School Hours
8:15am to 3:10pm
12pm to 12:30pm (except Friday, 12:20pm to 12:50pm)
Friday, 9:45am to 10:35am

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