Rooted in Christ. Ready for Tomorrow.

Rooted in Christ. Ready for Tomorrow.

School Wide Student Outcomes

As we strive to attain our mission and vision, Riverside Christian School will develop curriculum, programs, learning opportunities, and learning environments so that as they progress through their education:

Rooted in Christ

  1. Students will be committed to a personal and growing relationship with Christ
  2. Students will set personally held beliefs and standards based on God’s Word
  3. Students will exemplify Christ-like character, leading their lives according to biblical standards of virtue and ethics
  4. Students will demonstrate their love for God through community service projects, missions, worship, and involvement in a local church
  5. Students will know and articulate the difference between Christianity and other worldviews and is able to defend one’s own faith

Ready for Tomorrow

  1. Students will demonstrate the academic competence that is required for the next level of academic pursuit
  2. Students will accept positions of leadership and influence to serve others readily
  3. Students will utilize technology responsibly and effectively
  4. Students will work well in community.  Understanding that we are all created in God’s image
  5. Students will demonstrate a strong work ethic and a love for life long learning
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