Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Program

Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten

Riverside Christian School Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten programs offer age-appropriate classes taught by certified professionals. The programs blend traditional preschool concepts with fine and gross motor activities in both individual and group settings. Students will have the opportunity to engage in activities that are designed to stimulate curiosity and intellect, challenge and develop individual skills, activate developing minds and build Christian character.FX7_0311

Children will enjoy stories, poetry, music, dramatic play, arts, crafts, Bible stories, and more. They will have the opportunity to engage in activities involving visual motor skills, number concepts, handwriting readiness, and basic phonics. Students will also have the opportunity to practice appropriate social interaction through role-playing, as well as through group activities.  These early programs set a base for learning for an entire lifetime. As students ease into formal schooling, they often feel more comfortable in a school setting and have a more positive experience with school and learning. We believe that our early childhood programs are not so much about age, but as a guide to preparing students for success in kindergarten and beyond. We have listed below a short description of each class offering and the approximate best age to start the class to help aid in your decision. 


Preschool: 3-4 year-olds, 3 half days per week (M/W/F) AM 8:15am-11:15am

This program is designed for students who are  to 4 years old. The student must be 3 by August 1.  The preschool class is ultimately designed for students who already have some classroom experience. Academics such as letter and number identification, counting and problem-solving will be taught. This program includes time with specialists in, music, PE and library. The student must be fully potty-trained and able to use the restroom independently to attend. 

Pre-Kindergarten: 4-5-year-olds, five half days per week, AM 8:15am-11:15am or PM 12pm-3pm

This program is for students who will turn four by August 1st. In this class, the focus will be preparing students for kindergarten and beyond. Students will build off those skills learned in preschool. Emergent reading skills like identification of upper and lower case letters, & sounds will be taught. Learning skills such as listening, following directions, using class time wisely and working independently will be emphasized. This program includes time with specialists, music, PE, and library. The student must be fully potty-trained and use the restroom independently to attend. 






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