Cindy Bellamy

5th Grade Teacher


Hunter Pryse

First Grade Teacher

Degree: Heritage University, BA Elementary Education

Favorite thing about Riverside? I love how Riverside feels like family. I don't have to be afraid to share my love for Jesus and I also get to help students learn more about our loving God.

Megan Smith



Degree: B.A.Ed—Central Washington University

Favorite thing about RCS: “I love getting to integrate God’s word into every aspect of teaching. I love how kind and welcoming the staff has been. “

Heidi Dobie

3rd Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Washington State University M. Ed.—Heritage University.

"I love that Riverside Christian School is a Christian school!  The kids enjoy relating all subjects to the Bible; and current events are also related to the Bible. This helps the kids understand our world and their place in our world."

Cheryl Whittlesey

1st Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Washington State University, M.I.T.—Heritage University

Favorite thing about RCS: “Jesus Christ is the purpose and the basis for all instruction at Riverside Christian School.”

Lolly Van Beek

6th Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Westmont College

“I love Riverside Christian School because you are rubbing shoulders with those who appreciate and put a high priority on Christian education. The families who have their children in RCS are those who value excellent Christian education. RCS has a high academic standard, but God’s Word and the teaching of God’s Word takes definite priority.”

Mary Kay Schuller

4th Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Northwest University, M.Ed.—Central Washington University

Favorite Thing About RCS: “Riverside has a strong sense of community and a deep love of God’s Word.”

Ginger McIlvanie

5th Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Whitworth College, M.Ed.—Whitworth College

“I love the view outside my window, which reminds me of God’s incredible love, which is then shared with the Riverside school family, including students, staff, parents, and the community. When we gather for an all school chapel, it is a fabulous feeling to know we can worship one God together.”

Jill Fry

4th Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Washington State University, M.S.—Walden University

“I love Riverside Christian School because of the sense of community. We are all one family with Christ as our leader. Just like traditional families, we are not perfect, but we are called to encourage each other and help one another to be the best we can be in all areas of life. This is what I see happening on a daily basis at Riverside from the administration, staff, parents, and students.”

Tori Cunnington

2nd Grade Teacher


Degree: B.A.—Central Washington University

“This isn’t just a place to work. This is a place to nurture and also be nurtured. My three children came to school here and they received love and guidance, along with an education that stands on solid ground. They learned that God is truth and you can live in this world knowing right from wrong.”

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