When did you start attending RCS?
Freshman Year

What do you love about RCS?
I love that RCS teaches us more about God. I love that I have a family at RCS. Everyone is so caring, loving, and they are always ready to help.

Describe one of your favorite teachers at RCS and tell why he/she is your favorite?
My favorite teacher is Mrs. Lawrence. She is very loving and caring. She reminds me of my mother. She is always there to listen and she is always encouraging me.

In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at RCS?
I had gone through seven schools before coming to RCS. I also had gone through many houses and state. Throughout all of this I thought to myself not to trust anyone and guarded my heart. When I came to Riverside freshman year, it changed me. I grew in my faith in Christ. I began to open my heart to other and by doing that I open my heart to God. I began to trust God more.

How has RCS prepared you to be “Rooted in Christ” and “Ready for Tomorrow?”
Riverside has prepared me to be open with my faith. When I go back to Haiti I am more comfortable talking about God with the youth in my church.

How do you feel that RCS is preparing you for graduation, college, and life? What are your plans after you graduate (it’s okay if you don’t know)?
Riverside is a really challenging school. It helps me to be a hard worker. After I graduate, I plan to attend a college in the East Coast. I am hoping to become a doctor and also a missionary. I want to travel around the world and spread the Gospel by helping other.

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